Rice is pretty common in all forms of cuisine. While there is a variety of white rice, we recommend medium or short grain rice for our recipes. You can also use extra-long grain rice if that is more easily available for you. However rice types like thai, basmati, jasmine, and risotto are not the types of rice you want to use for Puerto Rican cuisine. Those have a different consistency and texture that don't fit well into Puerto Rican cooking.

Short Grain Rice

Here is a picture of what short-grain rice looks like close up.

Cooking White Rice

Cooking white rice is really easy. All you have to remember is a ratio: 1 for 1.5. So for every cup of white rice, you use 1 and a half cups of water. For extra-long grain rice, we sometimes add 1/4 cup of water extra for every cup of rice since there is more "rice" in each grain.

Cups of Rice (x1) Cups of Water (x1.5)
1 cup 1.5 cups
1.5 cups 2 and 1/4 cups
2 cups 3 cups